Dragonz Wylde Ranch does lease to other groups as well.

look in the section for Dragonz Wylde for more info on land and RV rental spots

Contact Joy or Acacia for details or email


ESP wish List:

Your contributions help us to keep our festival ticket cost down.

 Plywood for land projects

outdoor paint

 Rocks for the Pond

Sound system for the bands

boards for the stage

Lots of Happy People to help on 2nd Sat and work weekends


Cash Donations are Welcome too



Vendor must reg with the current Vendor Rep or the Festival Dir before Festival so that we can assign a vendor space. There is a vendor charge of $10 per 10x10 space or for a roving vendor plus a donation to the fundraiser auction.

Photo taking

We do have people that take pictures for the org. These people should have a badge for that festival and you have the right not to be in their pictures. If you think that they have taken your picture in error, please let us know. Pictures taken by our Paparazzi are used to promote the organization and may be used in public forums such as Face Book and on the web page.

Places we will be taking pictures are;
The Beltane Games

The crowning of the May Queen and King

The Maypole Ritual

The Sacred Play

The Bands and entertainers

Guest Speaker workshops

At the request of the Fire Spinners

We ask that no pictures are to be taken after 10pm at the fire by anyone, unless is is of the Fire Spinners and only if they request it.

This is adult time and everyone should be able to be free to let their Hair Down so to speak without worry that there will be a picture of it later

As always, if you take pictures, be polite. Don't take them of anyone that does not grant permission first. Same goes for taking pictures of people's altars. We do not want to tell our members that they can't take pictures, help us with this by being polite and considerate with your picture taking. If you plan to post your pictures in an open forum, please get permisson from those in the picture before doing so. We do have members that could lose their jobs or worse. Be considerate..DO NOT take pictures without people's consent.


We have a “Pack it in, Pack it out” policy on trash. Do not leave your trash behind, take it with you. This helps keep down festival costs and helps protect the environment.

Do not throw your cigarette butts or bottle tops on the ground. We have small children that run around, we don’t want them putting these things in their mouths are stepping on them. Also The dancers at the Fire don’t need to be stepping on them as well and a lot of them dance barefoot.


We allow RVs but RV parking should be consulted with a festival or land representative. Our land is sand and large vehicles tend to sink. If your RV gets stuck and we can’t pull it out, a wrecker will be called at your expense. We do have designated areas for the RVs where the likelihood of this happening is min. So if you need to bring one out, let us know ahead of time, so we can have you a safe spot

We do not have power hook ups for RVs at this time. We ask that no generators be ran during rituals, near workshops, or after 9pm.


We have an abundance of already cleared sites, Please use these, but if you find a spot that isn’t cleared, that you just can’t stand not to camp in, we ask that you get it permission from our staff first before you do any clearing.

We require that you be respectful of the environment when clearing for new campsites. There is no reason to chop down our brush and trees for a particular campsite. Please, share what is already developed, and new areas should only be added with permission from a representative of the land. There will be courtesy staff that will even help you setup a new campsite area, if the need arises.

No parking in campsites, there will be a designated parking area. If you have to camp in your car ask for a designated area to do so in.

Power use on the land is restricted to staff and those it is provided for. Not all camps have or will be provided electricity. If you have a medical need for electric, let our staff know and we will help you find a spot that it can be provided.

There are some established camps and altars, Most are marked in some way. “Please, be respectful of these campsites and altars, and do not try to take them over or mess with any of the objects.”

Also be respectful of others camping space. Other people’s tents and camps are just like their home for festival. Honor their privacy. Ask before entering their space, just as you would knock on someone’s door before coming into their house. Some Camps have an open door policy others do not.


Campfires in new camps should be only dug and operated with permission and basic safety rules applied. There should be no campfires unattended, and none underneath a canopy of trees. All campfires have to be approved, before being dug. If there is a fire ban, there will be no fires allowed in the camps.


Service animals only

1. They must be kept on a leash, in your tent or in a kennel that you bring. We do not provide kennels. If your animal is found loose with out you, you will be asked to take them home.

2 If your animal causes a problem, confrontations with other animals or people, disturbs your neighbors with noise, etc. you will be asked to remove them from the property.

3. Their shots need to be up to date and their tag or shot record needs to be brought with them.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules 

Dragonz Wylde already has a few animals its own, and we would rather not bring confrontations to the table during a festival.



Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Even though we provide activities and a play area for the children, the parents are still responsible for them. We do not do daycare. Our Children’s coordinator is not a babysitter. Children under 18 must be in their camps by 10pm.

Clothing Optional

The land has a clothing optional area (Marked on the maps) All other areas you must have your groin area covered. Topless is acceptable.

Sexual Harassment

It is expected that people will want to talk to and meet members of the opposite sex (or the same sex in some cases). That is normal and acceptable. Personal advances when rejected usually cause most normal people to look elsewhere for affection. We are not talking about that here.

The issue of harassment comes into play however when someone feels “put upon” to perform in a certain sexual way or in a way that is deemed to them sexual or inappropriate. This can be as simple as being followed and ogled by a person to smart ass unwanted comments to something as brass as being rudely asked to get topless, or be rudely asked to show a part of your anatomy that you have covered. You have a right to feel secure in your person.

Harassment is a situation we can not and will not tolerate. Usually it is a female who is the object of harassment, but not always. Some women are as bad as men in this regard. Neither case is acceptable. We will help you no matter your age or sex. You are not alone in this issue.

If you feel that you are being harassed by someone to behave in any way that to you is inappropriate or uncomfortable, first please tell the person politely that you are not interested in their advances, or their behavior is bothering you. Be nice but clear and firm.

If you are still feeling harassed, please contact someone on staff to resolve this issue for you. Do not just leave and not come back. Then the person harassing you will just harass someone else. Lets give that person a chance to see the error in their ways by having it explained that their behavior is bothering someone, and in the event that does not work we will remove them from the property. We will also warn them that even verbal retaliation is cause for removal from the property. We cannot do anything about it if we don’t know.

No means no and ONLY a clear yes means yes, There is no in-between. If You are unsure, then it is a No.

People to contact during an ESP event are:

Any of the festival staff

John G. (aka John the bastard)

Acacia ( Running all over, can be spotted by her white service dog)

Joy G. (usually at the gate)

Gigi (if it is temple related)


During an event not sponsored by ESP or Dragonz Wylde Ranch, please contact someone related to your event and they will follow these policies also, as it is part of their land rental contract to quickly stop sexual harassment issues.

Drug Policy

While it usually goes without saying that illegal substances are to be kept off of Dragonz Wylde Ranch property we must reiterate it for some people who think a wink - wink - nod – nod policy exists.

It does not.

We do not allow the use of illegal

substances on this property.

Furthermore, any person caught or suspected of using any felony level illegal substance or possessing any felony amount of an illegal substance will be immediately removed from this property and banned for a year. We will strictly enforce this policy.

We are serious about this policy and can not and will not make any exceptions. By violation of this policy a person puts other peoples lives and livelihoods in jeopardy. We will not tolerate this level of selfishness.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Medical Emergencies

We have a First Aid only staff. If a medical emergency arises, we will direct you to the nearest hospital,or in the case of a more life threatening issue, we will call 911, at your cost.

If you have a medical issue that requires electricity, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you. If you need medications, bring your own. We do not administer meds.

Wild Life

The Camp grounds are semi primitive. There are insects, snakes (Poisonous and Non-poisonous) and other wild life. Prepare for them and respect them. If you see something that poses a danger, let us know. Do not under any circumstances handle it yourself.

The wild life lives there year round, we are the invaders. Use common sense. If we are mowing and cleaning up, there will be animals moving from one place to another, especially snakes. Keep an eye out for them, wear shoes at night, don't walk in non cleared areas and if you see a snake, don't try to catch it.

There will be safety staff and representatives wearing badges. If there are any problems, these people are authorized to make decisions, or know who can make decisions.

Land Use Rules 

Access to this land is by approval of John and Joy Gerace and Acacia, or during events where the land is rented to the sponsors of the event. Access to and use of this land is subject to the following rules.

We went two years without any posted land use rules. Increased use of the land for spiritual, personal and rental purposes has brought us to a point where we find we must post a general set of rules, as some people do not have the same vision of or respect for the land that John, Joy and Acacia do. So in order that we constantly do not have to be reminding everyone to do this or that, these rules are posted so that everyone knows what is expected of them and they can make a personal choice of whether or not they wish to be a part of this community and abide by these rules.

Failure to abide by these rules and you will be asked to leave the Dragonz Wylde Ranch.

Respect the earth. Do not throw trash on the ground. Pick up after yourself, including cigarette butts.

No shrines, earthworks or statues are to be placed anywhere without the approval of John, Joy or Acacia
No cutting down trees or any plants or clearing for camps without approval.
Do not interrupt any ongoing ritual or prayer or spiritual service or event.
Do not place fire pits anywhere without the approval of John, Joy or Acacia or one of their representatives.
Camp only in designated areas, or get approval for a new camp spot.
Full adult nudity is allowed only in designated areas. Topless is not nude and is allowed everywhere.
Children are not allowed to be nude anywhere on Dragonz Wylde Ranch. Period. Ask why if you choose.
Event participants: Pack your gear in, and pack your gear out. We are a leave no trace facility,
We are a wildlife refuge. Respect the animals that live here. 
Anything you damage you will be expected to pay for or replace.
Tents and gear left on the property will be considered abandoned unless prior arrangements are made.
Do not eat any food in kitchen you did not buy unless food is clearly marked “community food”.
Do not expect anyone else to clean your dirty dishes. Use paper plates or wash dishes in the sink outside.
Gas in cans is for land vehicles and equipment. If you use it you are stealing and will be ejected.
Speed limit on Dragonz Wylde roads is 10mph. Do not speed.
Do not make any permanent or semi permanent additions to or on this property without John, Joy or Acacia approval.
Respect other guests and residents. Fighting will not be tolerated and will be cause for ejection.
No illegal drugs or weapons are allowed on this property.
Observe all state and county laws including current burn bans while on Dragonz Wylde Ranch.
You are responsible for your own children. Do not let them run wild and bother others. Supervise them.
Be aware that this is raw land for the most part. Snakes and insects abound. Take precautions.
If you use a pull cart, put it back in good condition, sides up (!) back by kitchen building.
If you use a tool, put it back where you got it. Or put it back by the kitchen building.
If you see something that doesn’t belong to you, remember it belongs to someone else. Ask to use it.
Do not use firewood you did not cut or bring onto the property. Someone worked for that wood.
Do not drive the wrong way on our back roads. You will get stuck. Sand is soft and tow trucks are expensive. 
Do not drive on any portion of the property not clearly a road. Do not drive on sacred ground.
Park only on areas clearly marked or used for parking.
Respect our neighbors. Do not cross their fences. They will call the law and they will be within their rights.
Do not throw trash on our incoming roads. Respect is the word. Respect the earth, respect each other.
Respect our sacred spaces. Failure to do so will cause immediate ejection and maybe an ass kickin’.
No gardens are to be started in community space without the approval of John, Joy or Acacia.
If you use the restrooms or showers, clean up after yourself.

Do not use equipment without permission.
Tiller and chipper are not to be moved without permission of John.
Do not move picnic tables or statuary or any other item on this property. If you want a table request it.
You should act responsibly as you will be held responsible for your actions. Respect for each other and for the earth and its plants and animals is required to be on this property.

Remember access to this property is a privilege not a right and may be withdrawn at any time. You may be refused entry for any reason deemed appropriate by John, Joy or Acacia, a Staff or Board member of the Earth Spirit Alliance, or any person designated management by any of the above principals.

Any kind of behavioral mishap, or violation of respect and rules, will result in immediate banning from the rights to be on the land and at the festival.

Just act like an adult that cares about your fellow humans and the earth and you will be fine.

We want inclusion, not exclusion. These rules are posted here because some folks need them.


Festival Tickets on sale

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After festivals and Drum and Fyre weekends, all camps will have to be picked up, as Dragonz Wylde Ranch has other guests that may wish to use these sites.

Dragonz Wylde or ESP are not responsible for things you leave behind.

Tents that have been left over 30 days will be picked and disposed of, up unless arrangements have been made for them to be there. 

 We do offer semi-permanent campsites for $50 per Month, 6 - month and 1 - year options (there may be additional charges for electric and water usage) contact earthspiritpeople@gmail.com to set this up





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