Dragonz Wylde Ranch does lease to other groups as well.

look in the section for Dragonz Wylde for more info on land and RV rental spots

Contact Joy or Acacia for details or email


ESP wish List:

Your contributions help us to keep our festival ticket cost down.

 Plywood for land projects

outdoor paint

 Rocks for the Pond

Sound system for the bands

boards for the stage

Lots of Happy People to help on 2nd Sat and work weekends


Cash Donations are Welcome too



E.S.P. Beltane 2020 dates 

April 23rd- 26th

"Lighting the Baelfyre"

Come join us for our Spring celebration .

May Games Saturday morning, (Archery, Boffer Weapons, javelin toss, and more). Winners are put into the drawing for May Queen and King and get Crowns and free tickets to the Samhain event.
We also have competition and crowns for the May Teen Prince and Princess as well as crowns for the May Littles Prince and Princess 

Guest speakers
Oberon Zell
(“The Wizard OZ”) is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the worldwide magickal community. In 1967 he was the first to apply the term “Pagan” to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960s. Oberon founded the first legal Pagan church (Church of All Worlds— www.CAW.org), and through his publication of Green Egg magazine (1968-present), he was instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Pagan movement. In 1970, he had a profound Vision of the Living Earth which he published as the earliest version of “The Gaea Thesis.”
In the 1980s, Oberon and his lifemate Morning Glory resurrected authentic living Unicorns, and led a diving expedition to New Guinea to solve the mystery of Mermaids. (MG died of cancer on May 13, 2014.)
Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry of Gods, Goddesses and magick symbols. He is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard; Creating Circles & Ceremonies; A Wizard’s Bestiary, The Wizard & The Witch; and other books. He is also Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry, which he founded in 2004 (www.GreySchool.com).
A world traveler to mystic sites for over 40 years, in 2018 Oberon spent three weeks in the Yucatan exploring Mayan ruins, and a month in Guatemala, presenting workshops on Quantum Consciousness and participating in Mayan ceremonies. In November 2018 he attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. In the summer of 2019 he spent a month in Ecuador, teaching and conducting rituals. He has appeared on numerous TV shows, and is the subject of a film documentary: The Wizard OZ (2017) https://vimeo.com/215849774
Now settled in Nashville, TN, for the past 2 years Oberon was on Walkabout, traveling around the US and Latin America talking about Wizardry, Quantum Magick, the Awakening, the coming 2020s, and half a century of modern Paganism: “Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?”

Fr. Ryan
Fr. Ryan is a Russian Orthodox Catholic Priest 

Aquarian Age Wicca speaker

Music by:

Mama Gina, Toby Stell and Ian Wolf.

Workshops and Rituals.


on the first evening of festival with Fox
Sacred Play
There may be a special surprise for Sacred Play this gathering to honor our indigenous Brothers and Sisters.

Weird Spirits with Ruatha and Moonsong

Explorations, discoveries and interpretations. Listen and share stories about spirits and the spirit world. 

Inner Demons with Ruatha

Reclaim your power. Augment your power. Remove blocks on your path. A discussion of shamanic journeying, healing, and shadow work. We'll examine the nature of the darkest parts of ourselves, and I'll share my own experiences. NOTE: This will not include a shamanic journey since these journeys are highly personal and should be done in a one-to-one setting with an experienced healer.

Old Faith with Ruatha

What is the role of faith in modern paganism? How can we reclaim old world value systems? We'll compare the wholistic view of religion before and after western philosophy to better understand out ancestors values


Tai Chi Magick with Ruatha

Move your body, energy and mind to invigorate, rejuvenate, and integrate magick into your every fiber.

Most of our activities are child friendly with some workshops and Ritual for the younger folk.

Ostara Egg hunt for the kids

Baseball game Sunday for kids and adults


CC with her Magickal crafts

Ria with her tye dye, jewelry and more.

Paige as our Food Vendor

Oberon Zell with his books and statues.

More to be announced as things are confirmed.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or vending, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Vending is $10 for a 10x10 space plus your ticket. 

Early Bird tickets go on sale Feb 1st.
and can be purchased at 
paypal.me/Earthspiritpeople for $40

March 1st tickets on line go up to $50

Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $60.

Saturday day pass is $40

Military/Veteran discounts at the gate are $40 

All tickets included a $10 six month membership 

Please feel free to share this event with those that are interested.

ESP Samhain 2019

 "Soul Fyre"

Guest Speakers: 

Fr. Ryan on American Cemeteries

Chris Godwin on Witchcraft



Ancient Hebrew Runes with Ruatha


Quantum Magic Consciousness with Ruatha


How to write your own incantations with Ruatha


Magickal Movement with Ruatha


Workshop with Cody tba


Tarot with Belenor


Potions with Toby


Poppets with Jade Jaguar

More TBA as confirmed...



Ian Sunrise Wolf

Toby Stell

Crystal Myth



Opening Ritual Thurs afternoon

Sweat Lodge Ritual Thurs evening. 

Friday evening Ritual with Belenor

Main Ritual Saturday night

Closing Ritual Sunday afternoon.


Other Activities:

Aphrodite's Temple with Gigi (adults only)

Haunted Trail Friday night

Trick or Treat with the kids Saturday

Witches Ball costume contest Saturday night

Sunday Base ball game







Festival Tickets sales

Early bird ticket sales for Beltane start Feb 1st, please purchase them through paypal.me\Earthspiritpeople

Regular tickets sale begin March 1st and can be purchased from the link above or the below menu.

Chose the drop down menu to purchase tickets for our festivals, vending, Men's/Women's weekend and member camping







After festivals and Drum and Fyre weekends, all camps will have to be picked up, as Dragonz Wylde Ranch has other guests that may wish to use these sites.

Dragonz Wylde or ESP are not responsible for things you leave behind.

Tents that have been left over 30 days will be picked and disposed of, up unless arrangements have been made for them to be there. 

 We do offer semi-permanent campsites for $50 per Month, 6 - month and 1 - year options (there may be additional charges for electric and water usage) contact earthspiritpeople@gmail.com to set this up





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