Dragonz Wylde Ranch does lease to other groups as well.

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This is privately owned land, settled on close to 45 acres of the pine forest south of Bastrop, in a little town called Red Rock. The land has been used for community events, festivals, and monthly drum circles for over a decade now.I

We also have RV space available for festival and year round use. 

The organization ESP (Earth Spirit People) is affiliated with the land. The land is also available for leasing for other non-ESP events, Contact Joy G. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on leasing and use or Acacia at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Portions of the land are used primarily for the gatherings, and other portions of the land we try to keep natural.

The land has a unique feel to it, for being hundreds of miles from the ocean. The ground is consisted mostly of sand similar to beach sand. During rains, it does not become muddy, nor does it flood easily. To be fair though, the only warning about sand is: Don't drive on it if you can avoid it, you may get stuck. Stay on the roads.

There are several major trails leading into the wooded areas, that scatter out to provide a wonderful hike through what one could reminisce as: A forested-beach stroll or with the many turns and twists, a Labyrinth.


There is plenty of space for camping, whether in the fields, or under the canopy of trees along the trails.

We would like people to be aware, that there are a few private camps and altars made by regular members and family. Please, be respectful of these campsites and altars, and do not try to take them over or mess with any of the objects.

RV parking should be consulted with a festival or land representative.

We require that you be respectful of the environment when clearing for new campsites. There is no reason to chop down our brush and trees for a particular campsite. Please, share what is already developed, and new areas should only be added with permission from a representative of the land. There will be courtesy staff that will even help you setup a new campsite area, if the need arises.

Campfires in new camps should be only dug and operated with permission and basic safety rules applied. There should be no campfires unattended, and none underneath a canopy of trees. All campfires have to be approved, before being dug.

Do be aware that our Medical staff is limited in what they can do, First aid only and if a medical emergency arises, we will call 911. If you have a medical issue that requires electricity, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you. If you need medications, bring your own. We do not administer meds.


There is water available from a primary tap near the kitchen. Heated-shower stalls are setup near the entrance of the land. As well, water taps and cold-water showers have been installed in various locations around the land. There are Flushing Toilets available as well. 

Power outlets have been installed in a few locations for use in running equipment/lighting for performers, vendors, and workshops only. Power use on the land is restricted to staff and those it is provided for.

There are many structures on the land, ranging from the Kitchen building, Gaea's Gate, Main Stage, all restricted for specific uses -- to gazebos and sitting areas, that we use for workshops and guest speakers.

We have 2 main fire areas. One located within a clearing where several trails meet, known as Faerie Lounge. The other, located in a large clearing towards the back of the property nad is primarily used for spiritual purposes and is know ad Dragon's Glen

Also, there is a playground with fort (Munchkin Land), for kids.


* The Animals that are on the land are not to be removed without the land owner's permission.

* No parking in campsites, there will be a designated parking area. For those that need to camp in there car, there are some spots off Loki Loop.


Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, the land has a clothing optional area (Marked on the maps and only for those 18 and over) all other areas you must have your groin area covered. Topless is acceptable.

Illicit drug use of any kind is prohibited.

We want people to come, drum, dance, learn and enjoy the events hosted here.

There will be safety staff and representatives wearing badges and bracelets. If there are any problems, these people are authorized to make decisions, or know who can make decisions.
Any kind of behavioral mishap, or violation of respect and rules, will result in immediate banning from the rights to be on the land and at the festival.

Map of Dragonz Wylde

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Festival Tickets sales

Early bird ticket sales for Beltane start Feb 1st, please purchase them through paypal.me\Earthspiritpeople

Regular tickets sale begin March 1st and can be purchased from the link above or the below menu.

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After festivals and Drum and Fyre weekends, all camps will have to be picked up, as Dragonz Wylde Ranch has other guests that may wish to use these sites.

Dragonz Wylde or ESP are not responsible for things you leave behind.

Tents that have been left over 30 days will be picked and disposed of, up unless arrangements have been made for them to be there. 

 We do offer semi-permanent campsites for $50 per Month, 6 - month and 1 - year options (there may be additional charges for electric and water usage) contact earthspiritpeople@gmail.com to set this up





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